Former Tesla worker asks for retrial after jury award drops to $15M

A former Tesla worker asked for a new workplace discrimination trial after the judge lowered the jury award from $137 million to $15 million. 

Lawyers for Owen Diaz, a former elevator operator for Tesla, rejected the judge's award in federal court in San Francisco on June 21st, according to Reuters

"In rejecting the court’s excessive reduction by asking for a new trial, Mr. Diaz is again asking a jury of his peers to evaluate what Tesla did to him and to provide just compensation for the torrent of racist slurs that was directed at him," his lawyers said.

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Diaz sued Tesla in 2017 for racial bias. He claimed that he was repeatedly harassed, and called racial slurs during his nine months at Tesla's factory in Fremont. 

The jury awarded Diaz a total of $137 million of damages last October, one of the largest award in discrimination lawsuits, Reuter wrote. But U.S. District Judge William Orrick lowered the award to $15 million in April. 

Diaz was given two weeks to accept the award or agree to a retrial.