'Girls Crushing It' puts on holiday pop-up shop

This year there will be a special addition to the holiday shopping season: a popup shop in Lafayette run by girls ranging in age from six to 15. 

They will be selling products they made. The girls are from as far north as Sacramento down to Santa Clara. 

It's the work of a nonprofit called Girls Crushing It founded by Roxanne Christophe of Orinda. She said she wants to help girls develop leadership skills. 

"These are my bath salts for Christmas. You can hang them on your tree," said Maddie David of Lafayette. The 10-year-old said she started making bath products in January when her mother told her it was too expensive to buy them. 

With the help of the nonprofit, Maddie and dozens of other girls now have a venue to showcase their creative and business skills.

"We really want girls to flex their leadership muscles through entrepreneurship," said Christophe. 

She founded Girls Crushing It earlier this year. She said her two young daughters made and sold items that were in demand at their school and popular at a farmer's market.

Christophe wanted to help them and other girls build a foundation for life skills.

"We really want the girls to know they can create their own way in this world. They create their own destiny and it comes from within," said Christophe. 

In May, the girls ran their first pop-up store in Orinda. But before selling their products, they attended a workshop to learn how to develop a business plan. 

10-year-old Katya Jane of Oakland uses her drawing skills to create greeting cards,"It makes me feel really good that we can turn something like that into a business. It makes me think, 'Oh we can do a lot of things.'" 

That includes becoming President of the United States. 

"There are a lot of things that aren't done that can be done. If I can be president, I can change that," said Katya. 

"You get another piece of fabric and you go over it," said Tarynn Cecena, a 10-year-old from San Ramon who makes hair bows from discarded clothing. 

Weaving their personalities into the fabric of their creations to build confidence is the goal of Girls Crushing It.

"I knew girls could do a lot of things, but I didn't know I could do this much at my age," said Maddie. 

She and dozens of other girls will be selling their products the Lafayette Community Center from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, December 9. 

Christophe hopes to expand her nonprofit to other cities across the country.