Gov. Newsom signals end of mask mandate on June 15

Wearing a mask could be optional in almost every setting starting June 15 in California. 

That's the same date the state is supposed to essentially reopen. 

In a video Fox 11's Elex Michaelson posted to Twitter, the TV anchor asked Gov. Gavin Newsom - who was maskless – about the mask situation.

Will we have to wear masks forever? 

Newsom’s response: "No. Only in those settings that are indoor. Only in those massively large settings, where people — from around the world, not just around the country — are convening, and where people are mixing in real dense spaces.

"Otherwise, we’ll make guidance, recommendations, but no mandates and no restrictions," the governor continued.

Newsom did note some exceptions: "Huge, large-scale indoor convention events where we'll use our common sense."

The color-coded tier system in California is also poised to end on June 15, but in April, Newsom said there would likely be some form of mask mandate, even if businesses could open at full capacity.

 However, attitudes and science have changed. 

A growing number of health experts have increasingly signaled that federal recommendations on masks may loosen in the coming weeks to better reflect lower risk levels as COVID-19 case rates drop across the United States. 

There also is growing evidence that the outdoor spread of the coronavirus is far rarer than indoor transmission.