Grandmother seeks justice in Castro Valley shooting death of 20-year-old

The grandmother of a man shot and killed in his car in Castro Valley said Wednesday she wants answers in his death.

"He was murdered. He was killed - senselessly," said Bonita Thomas.

Her 20-year-old grandson, Kyre Thomas, was shot and killed in his car in what's normally quiet Castro Valley.

She says she doesn't know what led up to the tragedy.

"I don't know, per se, what exactly he was doing, but all I know is at the end of the day, he was loved, and he will be truly missed," she said.

It happened at about 10:15 p.m. Monday near the corner of North Sixth and Knox Streets, off Redwood Road.

A suspect walked up to the victim's car and opened fire with a high-powered rifle. 

Thomas died at the scene. 

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office is calling this a targeted attack. 

Neighbors say they are jarred by the shooting.

"Craziness, yeah it was insane," said Jeff Moreno. "It shook the whole - everyone heard it. It was literally right close to the house, so it was very loud."

Nearby cars were peppered by gunfire. 

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At least one bullet went through a Scion and went out the front windshield.

Jazzy Mejia's Honda Civic was also hit by gunfire. 

"It's definitely scary, but we all came together, you know, to console each other, neighbors and everything," Mejia said.

Another woman who didn't want to be identified said she heard dozens of shots.

"It's terrifying. There's kids in this neighborhood. There's people walking all the time," she said.

"I want to be his voice, and I want justice for my grandson," said Bonita Thomas.

She had this message for whoever is responsible.

"I would say stop the violence. Stop the killing. We need our black men. We need our men, period, you know? His life has just started. He was only 20 years old."