More FCI Dublin women complain of retaliation, including having rifles pointed at them

Women who were transferred away from the now-shuttered federal prison in Dublin are continuing to complain they're being retaliated against at their new facilities in Texas, Minnesota, Miami and Philadelphia, where they say they are not being given jobs that could reduce their sentences and, in one case, had rifles pointed at them to scare them. 

Powerless in Prison: The shutdown of FCI Dublin

In April, the Bureau of Prisons abruptly shut down the troubled FCI Dublin. KTVU explains what led up to the closure, questioning whether this was retaliation for outside oversight over the women's prison, which has been riddled with sex abuse for decades.

U.S. Senators call FCI Dublin transfer of women 'appalling'

Five U.S. senators are demanding that the Bureau of Prisons director provide them with information on how the agency prepared to close the troubled, all-women's prison in Dublin, including written plans to its employees on the "safe and humane release from custody."