Highway 84 from Fremont to Sunol closed indefinitely as storm cleanup continues

The swollen Alameda Creek rushed through Niles Canyon Monday. The area remains at risk of flooding and more landslides, following a series of storms that pummeled the area. 

"It’s kind of wild, it’s neat. I’ve never seen the water this busy," said Niles resident Ray Swartz.

Highway 84 from Fremont to Sunol is closed indefinitely. Cleanup continues along that stretch after a slide covered lanes of traffic with mud and debris.

Pauline Bergeron and her husband Matt spent hours filling sandbags in Sunol with other members of the community - leaving them in a large pile at the bottom of the hill for any neighbors who might need them. "I love the community. Small town, big hearts, lots of grit," said Pauline.

"We’ve tried to help out by producing sandbags here and some locals will take a truck and drive them up the road," said Matt.

We drove further up the road and found tarps on hillside, mud in the road, and homes near the creek prepped with sandbags.

"My biggest concern is just mudslides," said Pauline. "The soil is super saturated so I’m hoping it holds and we don’t have any more road closures because there’s only one way out of this canyon."

The Alameda County Office of Emergency Services encouraged residents on Kilkare, Palamares, and Niles Canyon to evacuate ahead of more severe storms. There’s no mandatory evacuation at this time.

"I think it’s everyone managing risk. Just whether you can get out or not," said Matt. "We are pretty prepared for it. We have a generator and hot spots. It’s part of living out here in the wilderness."