In lawsuit against Apple, women claim stalkers used AirTags to find them

Two women have sued Apple for its AirTags devices which they claim are "unreasonably dangerous" and were used to stalk them.

The complaint contends that Apple has failed to protect them from unwanted tracking. 

One of the plaintiffs, Lauren Hughes of Texas, said she was terrified after discovering an AirTag on her tire that had apparently been clandestinely placed there by an ex-boyfriend who stalked her, the Washington Post reported

The other plaintiff, an unnamed woman from Brooklyn, N.Y., said she was stalked by her ex-husband. She found AirTags in her child's backpack that she believes were inserted by her former spouse, the Post reported. 

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They argue that Apple has downplayed the threat posed by the misuse of the AirTags. 

AirTags were marketed as a way for people to find luggage or other easily misplaced personal items, but the technology makes it possible to be used for nefarious purposes as well, critics said. 

Apple did not respond to KTVU's inquiries. 

The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco federal court against the Cupertino-based company.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from Apple.