Khazar Momeni to be arraigned for alleged DUI hit-and-run

Khazar Momeni will be arraigned this month for charges stemming from allegedly driving under the influence of drugs and fleeing from the site of a collision in San Francisco.

Momeni's name became well known because her brother Nima Momeni allegedly killed Cash App ex Bob Lee with a knife following a dispute about her almost a year ago. 

Khazar Moemni faces no charges in Lee's slaying, but she was arrested in November after allegedly crashing her car in San Francisco's tenderloin neighborhood.

The district attorney's office declined to file a DUI case against her in December, but said prosecutors would continue to investigate.

Now, they have charged Momeni with allegedly driving under the influence of drugs, two counts of hit and run and possession of nitrous oxide. 

Her arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 26.