List: Your complete earthquake resources

If you’re a California resident it’s not if, it’s when - when it comes to earthquakes.

Even though we live in "earthquake country" many families are not prepared for disaster. 

The USGS recommends taking a moment to think about what to do in a quake - to keep yourself and loved ones safe. 

Be Prepared 

It's easy to create an earthquake kit with a short trip to a grocery and hardware store. Food products here have extremely long shelf lives, including water with 30 to 50 year life spans. Things that have to be replaced on a regular basis are plainly marked as such and there are replenishment kits to update the kit. Rescue tools, first-aid kits and sanitary sewage supplies are essential. Money, $100 in small bills and change should be in there since banks, ATMs and credit card machines may not be functioning. Learn more about what to add to your earthquake kit here. 

When a Quake Hits 

If you're inside, get yourself under a desk or table and hang on to it. Adopt the Drop, Cover and Hold on method. If you're driving, stop. Carefully move your car as far from other motorists as possible. Don’t stop under a bridge, overpass, tree, light post, powerline or sign. Stay inside your car until the shaking stops. If you're outdoors You’re outdoors, get in the open. Avoid buildings, power lines, chimneys and essentially anything that could potentially fall on you. Learn more about what to do in a quake here. 

Earthquake Insurance

There are a number of factors that come into play when thinking about earthquake insurance. Some of those include proximity to active fault lines, time since the last quake and slope of land. Learn more about the factors and insurance options here. 

Retrofitting Your Home 

Seismic retrofitting your home offers security that lessens the potential damage from an earthquake. Whether or not your home can withstand an earthquake not only affects your bankroll, but also the lives of those under the roof. Learn about the incentives of retrofitting your home here.