Lululemon theft in Napa leads to police pursuit that ends in Oakland crash

Investigators responded to the scene of a crash in Oakland on Monday, where officials say a car connected to a Lululemon theft in Napa was pursued before crashing. Four suspects have been detained.

Napa police said the thieves were in possession of approximately $2,500 worth of stolen merchandise. Police said they were notified of the theft at around 4 p.m. When police spotted the suspect's vehicle, a Lexus GS 350, they attempted to stop it. However, the vehicle fled, leading to the pursuit. 

Napa police said they relinquished control of the pursuit to California Highway Patrol near the Carquinez Bridge. The chase led law enforcement to the East Bay. 

Oakland police said they were notified just after 4:30 p.m. of a vehicle in their area connected to a crime in another city. OPD said they assisted the CHP with this incident. 

CHP said the theft happened at a retail outlet and that it was police who initially pursued the vehicle. 

CHP launched an airplane to aid in the pursuit by tracking the vehicle. Highway patrol officials said in their preliminary news release that the suspect vehicle drove on Interstate 80 near Carson in Richmond. With the airplane overhead, CHP said ground units backed off. Despite not being chased, the suspect car continued to drive recklessly, according to CHP. 

The driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed at the intersection of Lakeshore Avenue and Beacon Street in Oakland. Officers took four occupants from the car into custody. Napa police said the suspects are cleared for booking. 

Officials did not indicate if the occupants of the vehicle were injured in the crash. 

CHP said the Oakland Police Department is taking the lead in the crash investigation. 

Officials said the investigation remains active.