Man in viral video charged with hate crime in San Ramon

A Denver man who has family in Alamo has been charged with a hate crime for an incident caught on video at a San Ramon fast-food restaurant and for a separate spitting incident in Danville.

Jordan Krah, 40, is free on bail after being arrested by San Ramon police in connection with the incident at the In N Out Burger on the night of Christmas Eve.

Contra Costa County prosecutors charged Krah with a hate crime for alleging making racist and homophobic remarks while threatening Elliot Ha.

At one point, Krah asked Ha if he was Japanese or Korean. When Ha said he was Korean, Krah said, "Yeah, Korean, that's what I thought. You're Kim Jon Un's boyfriend, huh?" according to the video.

Authorities say Krah threatened to spit on Ha and also "threatened harm should the victim go outside."

The incident was captured on video by Ha's friend, Arine Kim, whose post on TikTok went viral.

"He did not look entirely mentally well," Kim told KTVU. "He just kept on spewing nonsense."

Prosecutors also charged Krah with battery for allegedly spitting at a Filipina woman as she and her siblings were near the Lunardi's Market in downtown Danville on Christmas morning. 

Abigail Halili told KTVU she and her siblings were peering inside the store window and that Krah told them, "You guys are gonna vandalize the shop, you're gonna rob the place, I don't trust you guys. Leave. You guys are Filipino idiots."

Contra Costa prosecutors say Krah is also facing separate charges in Denver for vehicular assault.