Man refuses to wear mask at 7-Eleven, breaks window

At the 7-Eleven on Thornhill Drive in the Oakland hills, the signs are clear: masks are required to protect against the coronavirus.

But surveillance video shows a man walking into the store without a mask on Sunday afternoon. Employees told him he needed one, and he became angry.

 "Too aggressive," said store owner Juan Martin.

Martin said the man ranted and raved and didn't see the need for protection.

"Too stupid to wear this thing, this is not a good idea, why is person covering face?" Martin said, recalling what the man said.

For almost 10 minutes, the man stands at the register and harangues the staff.

A line forms. Other customers - all wearing masks - are waiting. One of them begins arguing with him.

At one point, the man coughs - over and over - into his hand.

Customers are forced to go around him, getting less than six feet from him.

Finally, he leaves in a huff, but not before kicking the door and breaking a window.

"After 10 minutes in the store, he goes, and with the leg he broke the door. But he didn't buy nothing," Martin said.

Neighbors say they recognize the man as a local who walks his dog in the area. Martin says police have talked to him about what happened, but it's unclear if he was cited.

Many stores and essential businesses are now requiring masks be worn. Some warn people, no mask, no service.

Marilyn Corralejo says she saw a different man in the same 7-Eleven without a mask on over the weekend.

"I wonder they have like a Superman complex or something," Corralejo said. "I don't understand it. What's the big deal? It's a mask!"

She noted that while store visits might be short, essential workers need protection the entire day. 

"It's ridiculous," she said. "Nobody is immune from this thing. You can't put up a wall. You can't stand behind a screen. You've got to protect yourself."