Marines vs. Navy at Fleet Week softball game

Fleet Week is now in full swing in San Francisco, and while there are events for the public planned all week, the Marines and sailors get a chance to have some fun, too.

Both groups woke up early at sunrise on Tuesday to play softball on Moscone Field. 

"It's an opportunity to get Marines out there," said US Marine Corps Capt. Blake Justice. "Get some time off, make sure they enjoy the cities they get to visit."

Justice is an 11-year veteran of the Marine Corps and it's his first time in San Francisco. 

The softball tournament is organized by San Francisco native Ryan Crowley and members of the Olympic Club.

Crowley said it's a nice way to "say thank you to the first responders and military that do so much for us."

He added: "Being a San Francisco native, I love showing off my city to the military that come in from different ships that have been out in Alaska or San Diego. It's a wonderful experience." 

Teams from the Navy, Marines and local fire and police departments are all involved making this a unique experience for a local small school, the Academy of Art.

"It's such a great student athlete experience for these girls," said the school's softball head coach Geena Garabedian. "I know they're so excited to be part of this. We've done this multiple years at this school. So, it's a tradition, to meet with other people as well through the community." 

This is only day two of Fleet Week. The ship tours starts Wednesday and the Blue Angels air show kicks off Friday.