Michelle Go remembered at candlelight vigil in hometown of Fremont

Bay Area native Michelle Go was remembered at a candlelight vigil in Fremont – the city where she grew up.

"Michelle was a beacon of hope and compassion for those around here," said Fremont City Council Member Teresa Keng. Keng hosted the vigil.

What happened to Michelle, could have happened to any of us. From Fremont to New York City and all points in between, I think I speak for most people in the AAPI community when I say that we’re tired of living in fear," said Keng.

Go was pushed to her death in front of a moving train at a New York City subway station.

Many people who attended the vigil said they were there in solidarity with the Asian-American community. Fremont resident Erica Li said, "Even though it felt like a more random moment of tragedy, you know, seeing someone who looks like you especially in this moment of Asian hate crimes it’s really tough. So anything to lend support to the family and the community."

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Speakers at the vigil included other city officials and community members who knew the Go family. Go went to American High School in Fremont, then to college at UCLA. She was living in New York working at Deloitte and volunteered for years at the New York Junior League.

"We don’t want her to just be a number," said Keng. "She actually devoted her life serving at risk women and children and people experiencing homelessness."

Keng said continuing to help others and show compassion is a way to honor Go.