Newsom, 'climate tax' have voter support, but sports gambling props do not

With five weeks to go until Election Day, more California voters say they are opposed to propositions that would legalize online sports betting, and sports betting on tribal lands. Another prop that would increase taxes on the wealthy to pay for climate change initiatives is more likely to pass, according to a UC Berkeley poll.

Gov. Gavin Newsom appears to have strong support from voters in his re-election bid against Republican challenger Brian Dahle, the Berkeley poll said. 

The poll shows that Proposition 26, which would allow tribal lands in California to conduct betting on sports, would get a yes vote from 31% of likely voters while 42% said they plan to vote no. 

The opposition is stronger for Proposition 27, which would permit online wagering on sports events. For this prop, 57% told pollsters they will vote no while 27% said they intended to vote yes.

Proposition 30, also called the climate tax, is unpopular with likely voters. The prop would increase taxes on people earning more than $1 million a year to pay for certain projects aimed at mitigating climate change. It would use the money raised by taxes to pay for charging stations for electric vehicles, create rebates for low- and middle-income earners to buy electric cars as well as putting some funds toward wildfire prevention and response.

Gov. Newsom has urged voters to oppose the ballot measure, but many other Democrats support it.

The poll shows that more voters currently support it too with 49% of likely voters saying they will cast a ballot in favor of it while 37% said they will vote no.

Newsom, who overcame a recall effort last year, appears to remain popular with voters. The Berkeley poll said that 53% of likely voters will pick him while 332% said they will choose his opponent Dahle, a state senator from the northeastern counties.