Security cameras being added to California freeways

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that his office would fund a project to install 200 advanced cameras on freeways at 50 locations around the state.

The CCTV cameras would be strategically installed in Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, and Orange counties, the governor said. The cameras are slated to be placed on Interstates 880 and 580, and Highways 4 and 24, among other routes.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf wrote the governor a formal request for "the installment of security cameras, including license plate readers, on our state highways as well as on- and off-ramps" last December

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"I am very thankful to Governor Newsom for taking this quick action to keep our communities safe as our motorists travel on our highways," said Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern. "I believe these cameras will help deter violent crime on the highways and will be a useful tool to solve these very difficult cases should they occur."

This request was a response to the "senseless freeway killings of 2-year-old, Jasper Wu, Honorary Alameda County Deputy Sheriff, David Nguyen, Cal Basketball Hall of Famer, Gene Ransom, and several others," according to the press release. 

"If that can help to prevent shootings on the freeway, put cameras everywhere," said Todd Walker, Ransom's friend. "Put cameras everywhere, because babies are getting shot, grandmas are getting shot, women are getting shot, I mean it’s some cowardly stuff."

In Alameda County, Sheriff Ahern says they are still working to determine the best locations for the cameras. A date for their installation has yet to be released.