No arrests in weekend sideshows: 'Never saw this before in person,' bystander says

Several large illegal sideshows took place over the weekend in San Francisco, on the Bay Bridge, and in Brentwood.

Video posted on social media shows roughly 100 spectators, but there have been zero arrests.

Neighbor Prasanna Pilaka shot video of the sideshow on San Francisco’s Embarcadero late Friday night. A crowd is seen gathered near Pier, next to the Ferry Building. Several vehicles do donuts and other stunts while completely blocking the road.

"It was very noisy," said Pilaka. She said she was trying to sleep when around 11:30 p.m. she heard the sound of screeching tires and went outside to investigate.

"I never saw this ever before in person. But I was worried because some cars were almost pushed into the crowd," said Pilaka.

She said this continued for about 30 minutes.

About an hour later, a second illegal sideshow blocked lanes on the Bay Bridge.

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Video on social media shows spectators lining the span. Some vandalized the bridge by spraying graffiti.

A spokesman with the California Highway Patrol said they received calls just before 1 a.m. Responding officers got stuck in the traffic caused by this sideshow, and the only option was to walk in on foot. By the time officers arrived the group dispersed.

Pilaka said almost everyone she saw was young and is worried next time somebody could get hurt.

"The publicity or the fame they get out of it is honestly dangerous," said Pilaka. "It could be fun in different ways but this is not a healthy one. It’s similar to you putting your life at risk just to entertain."

The CHP is speaking with witnesses but at this time have made no arrests. San Francisco police responded to the sideshow along the Embarcadero but at this time, have not announced any citations or arrests.