New developments reveal the A's no longer appear to be rooted in Oakland

The Oakland Athletics appear to be planning to leave Oakland regardless of the outcome of their potential move to Las Vegas.

During a Nevada State Senate hearing held Monday, a representative for the A's stated that if funding for a ballpark in Las Vegas does not materialize, the team would likely explore other cities as relocation options instead of attempting to salvage their presence in Oakland.

Numerous cities, including Portland, Nashville, and Salt Lake City, have expressed their interest in acquiring a baseball team, presenting alternative possibilities for the A's.

The team's stance has raised concerns among fans and officials in Oakland, who have been hoping to retain the A's as part of their community. The potential departure of the team would be a significant blow to the city's sports landscape.

While the A's have been actively pursuing a move to Las Vegas, the uncertainty surrounding the funding for a new ballpark has apparently prompted them to consider alternative locations. This news has intensified discussions among city leaders and supporters about the future of baseball in Oakland.

The A's representative did not provide specific details regarding which cities are being considered as potential relocation destinations. However, the fact that multiple cities have expressed their interest in hosting a baseball team suggests that the A's may have options if their plans in Las Vegas do not come to fruition.

The future of the A's in Oakland remains uncertain, and further developments are expected as discussions and negotiations continue.