No students involved in deadly stabbing near San Jose State University campus

Authorities are investigating a fatal stabbing in a parking garage near San Jose State University.

Residents at the Colonnade Apartments were awakened by screams, blood, and chaos.

"Obviously, it's like, oh my gosh, violent crime. Kinda crazy," said resident Allie Paquet.

Police said the stabbing occurred around 4:15 a.m. Friday in the area of S. 4th and San Carlos streets, directly across from the university campus.

Three campus police officers were nearby and rushed to the scene, even though it wasn't their jurisdiction.

"The first officer was on the scene in less than a minute," said Police Captain Frank Belcastro.

Upon entering the garage, officers found the victim on the ground, and the suspect still had the knife in his hand.

"They observed a subject in the vicinity armed. They confronted the subject. He ran, they pursued him, apprehended him, and turned him over to San Jose PD," Belcastro said.

The San Jose Police Department is now handling the investigation.

University officials confirmed that no students were involved in the deadly incident but emphasized the importance of the safety of the surrounding area.

"We're proud of our officers. They're fully vested in the safety of this community, and they showed it," Belcastro said.

Residents of the Colonnade Apartments expressed their frustration with downtown crime.

"It's terrible. I think there should be more security late at night or early in the mornings because there is a lot of weirdness that happens around here," said resident Sterling Anthony.

Another SJSU student agreed. 

"We want a safe environment especially right across from campus. But there's definitely always something going on in San Jose," J.J. Miller said.

Residents appreciated the swift arrest by officers but expressed caution for the future.

"I think it's just best to be aware that there's like danger in the city. But overall, I feel pretty safe," Miller said.

Authorities have not provided any information on the suspect or the victim. They also have not said what led up to the stabbing.

Police anticipate releasing more details early next week.