'No Tech' signs appear in San Francisco parks

Last month, people in San Francisco were surprised by the appearance of 'no tech' signs in city parks.

Over the weekend, they popped up again.

The man behind the signs is Ivan Cash, a New Yorker who moved to San Francisco seven years ago to work at Facebook. 

He's now running an art studio where he's selling the 'no tech' signs.

Cash says "I'm not anti-tech. I'm pro-balance. I think it's really interesting how more often then not, we're just consumed."

He admits that he's also guilty of spending too much time on his phone.

"I'm really interested in raising the conversation about what role technology plays in our lives and our environments."

Cash says the signs are 'questionably legal' but he hopes his prank will get people thinking about where to draw the line when it comes to technology.