Notre Dame student hopes to find Yosemite lovebirds to give them stunning photo

A Notre Dame student is asking for the internet's help finding a couple who took engagement photos at Yosemite National Park so that she can give them her copies.

Faith Taylor was visiting the park May 14 when she saw someone taking the couple's engagement photos at Glacier Point.

Taylor wanted to snap a photo of the moment, too. As she did, a beam of light shone down from the heavens on the happy couple, her Twitter thread shows.

Taylor wrote that she didn't want to walk over to the couple because she was feeling shy and didn't want to interrupt what appeared to be a professional photo shoot.

"For the people asking, I didn't walk over to them then [because] I was shy and didn't want to interrupt their professional photographer with my iPhone 6 photo hahaha going back through my photos a few months later I thought they may want to see it," she wrote on Twitter.

Apparently she's already had people contacting her thinking they know the couple – on Sunday she tweeted out saying that she had a "false alarm," but that the search for the couple continue.

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.