Oakland A's now selling suites for one bitcoin

The A's are now selling suites at the Oakland Coliseum for the 2021 season.

The price for some is one bit-coin. The suites seat up to six guests and include a private restroom and free snacks.

The cost of one bitcoin recently topped $60,000.

Some Major League Baseball teams currently accept bitcoin.

But the A's are believed to be the first to price their tickets using this digital currency. 

"We invite our fans to become the first bitcoin suite holders in sports. We’re excited to be one of a handful of teams to accept cryptocurrency for payment and the first to price tickets in crypto instead of U.S. currency. The price of a season suite may fluctuate depending on when it’s purchased, which adds to the excitement!" A’s President Dave Kaval said in a statement. "Suites are the perfect way for groups who want to safely socially distance themselves from other fans to enjoy A’s baseball this season."

Under current local health regulations, the A’s ballpark will open at 20% capacity — about 11,000 people — for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. That number will increase as Alameda County, where Oakland is located, improves its coronavirus numbers. For regular stadium seating, the team is selling seats in socially distanced pods of two and four.

The A's will be selling suites for one unit of the cryptocurrency through March 31.  Single-game suite tickets start at $594 — but dollars only. 

The team's home opener is on April 1 against the Houston Astros.