Oakland church helps homeless neighbors during stormy weather

To spread some warmth on a cold day, members of Oakland’s Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church held their annual "Blanket and Blessing" drive. They put together more than 100 bags of food and winter supplies for the unhoused community, and drop them off at homeless encampments throughout the city.

"The weather this year has been horrendous for even us with homes. So to be out here in the elements is a lot," said church member Renee Daniels.

"We just want to remind our community that we are better together. So it’s all hands on deck," said Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon.

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Church members offered their unhoused neighbors hot cocoa and warm chili, as well as sleeping bags and blankets to get through the chilly nights. Many have been staying in tents, and are unequipped for the amount of rain, wind, and hail the area has experienced during the latest series of storms.

"We are very concerned about people living outside especially with the rain and how cold it is. And that’s why we are sharing a little tenderness through blankets, gloves, sock you name it," said Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon.

The church also brought a doctor to the event, in case anyone had a minor issue that needed medical attention.