Oakland Tech threat against 'non-white' students was a hoax, principal says

A day after the principal of Oakland Technical High School said that police were investigating an anonymous Instagram message threatening "non-white" students, authorities had determined the menacing words were a hoax, he said. 

Martel Price sent a message to the community saying that even though the threat wasn't deemed credible, there are extra security measures at school. 

"Even though this turned out to be a hoax, the incident has been traumatic for some in our community," Price wrote on Wednesday, adding that support services would be available to anyone who needs them. "Ours is a strong community, and we will get through these challenging circumstances together."

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Price did not state whether the person who sent the threat was a student or if and how the person will face any discipline or criminal charges.

Price was not specific about what the threat said, but it was supposed to be carried out on Thursday.