Oakland woman speaks out after she's shot in road rage incident

An Oakland woman on Friday recounted the terror she felt after she honked at another driver, was followed home - and then shot as her 10-year-old daughter was in the back seat, in what police are investigating as a road rage incident.

"I was shot several times - my car's shot up," said the woman, who didn't want to be identified.

"He's cruel and heartless, evil, and it was very unnecessary," she said.

The woman said it started after the driver of a Toyota Highlander cut her off on Hegenberger Road near Interstate 880 in East Oakland at about 8 p.m. Wednesday. He then stopped at a red light in front of her in the right-turn lane. But he didn't turn.

"I tapped the horn, literally I was tired and wanted to get home," she said, adding it wasn't an angry horn blast.

"I did a gentle tap, and I didn't even, you know, react or do anything, or rolled the window down. I just did a simple tap to get him to go because he was there for a while," she said.

The two cars split off. The woman approached her home near 71st Avenue and Hawley Street in East Oakland and was trying to find parking when a man walked up to her Nissan Altima.

"That's when some guy came up in all black and starts spraying, on the passenger side through the front windshield," she said, adding her first reaction was "just get the f- out of the car and get to safety. I told my daughter to get out."

Thankfully, her daughter was physically unharmed.

"My daughter, she's OK, she's shaken up," she said. "I have to help my daughter and make sure she's OK before she can even return back to school."

But the woman was shot numerous times, in the stomach, upper thigh, chest and forearms.

Evidence markers littered the street. Her Nissan's windshield punctured by bullet holes. 

Oakland police confirm the shooting was the result of road rage. Oakland and BART police officers helped her on scene before she was taken to the hospital. 

BART police also chased a man believed to be the suspect after the shooting. Police set up a perimeter around the corner on Spencer Street, but he escaped. 

Henry Lee is a KTVU crime reporter. E-mail Henry at Henry.Lee@fox.com and follow him on Twitter @henrykleeKTVU and www.facebook.com/henrykleefan