Pedestrian on sidewalk killed in San Francisco car crash

Lots of people surrounded Post Street in Lower Nob Hill Saturday afternoon where a deadly crash took place.

Post Street has since reopened, but people who came out to the scene were saddened to hear that an innocent pedestrian was killed. 

San Francisco police say just after 11 a.m., they responded to a call for a crash on Post Street near Leavenworth and Hyde. 

Police said a car hit another car and a pedestrian who was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Eyewitnesses tell KTVU a white BMW ran a red light and was clipped by a black Audi SUV. They sent the BMW spinning out of control and into a pedestrian who was standing on the sidewalk. 

SFPD says neither driver was injured in the crash. The driver of the BMW, who hit the pedestrian, was arrested. 

Frank, who owns a convenience store nearby described the moment the driver was arrested. 

"Police, they were on top of him in two seconds, almost like they were chasing him, even though I didn’t see the sirens on, they put their knee on his back and arrested him right away."

According to the San Francisco Police Department, no charges have been filed against the driver yet. 

Neighbors who live in the area, say this area has its fair share of drug use and crime. 

"It's hit or miss--some days there's nothing going on, other days I get people screaming on the side of my window; sometimes it's great and then there are days like this where you are reminded where you are," said Heather who lives a block away from there collision happened. "It's a little scary but in living in the city it has become normal now to be on alert the whole time."

SFPD says this is an ongoing and active investigation. They are asking anyone with information to call (415) 575-4444.