PHOTO: Firefighters run their hose through illegally parked car

PENNSAUKEN, NJ (WTXF) - A photo shows two windows of a black Honda SUV smashed out with a hose through the vehicle. Firefighters say that it was illegally parked in front of a hydrant.

Yasmine Rivera, the driver of the vehicle, says she returned home after 4 a.m. and the only spot she could find was one near a hydrant.

"When I came back, there was a man there at 4:14 in the morning. He's not none of my neighbors. I'm pregnant, it's 4:14, the street is dark, so I had a bad feeling, so something told me to park there and run in the house," said Rivera.

Just moments later, Pennsauken firefighters were called to clear a fire right down the street and acted fast to get the water on the flames.

They smashed out Rivera's windows, which cost her $300 to replace. She was also left with a $300 ticket for parking in front of the hydrant.

Rivera said she wouldn't do things differently if the guy was still there.

"I was uncomfortable. When I get that gut feeling, that's what I go with," says Rivera.

Fire Chief Palumbo is not apologetic and says his men needed to get the water running.

"Windows can be replaced, people cannot," says Palumbo.