PHOTO: Man defends Baltimore store with 'Pride'

(FOX 29 WTXF)- In the wake of Monday's riots, fires, and violent clashes, many powerful images have surfaced.

Photographs that show the faces, and the efforts of those who sought to stop the violence and destruction of their neighborhood, have been circulating since early Monday afternoon.

The above photo was posted to Reddit late Monday night. The poster explained that the photo showed his neighbor protecting the entrance of a 7-11 convenience store from bands of looters. The store's guardian wields a paddle that reads 'Pride.'

The photo had more than 700,000 views after a little more than 14 hours.

Reddit users took the opportunity to comment on the photo and discuss the significance.

The top comment on the thread was posted by JackAd. You can read his comment below:

"It's always striking to see that people will turn on their own city, but I find it more striking when people stand up to defend it against people who have temporarily lost all notion of morality. He represents Baltimore Pride in every sense. It's a shame there can't be someone like him on every corner right now."