Pliny the Younger sells out in minutes

Photo: Russian River Brewing Company.

The Russian River Brewing Company sold its entire annual supply of Pliny the Younger in just five minutes on Thursday.

The release of the triple IPA is an event that typically attracts large crowds of hop fans to the company's beer meccas in Santa Rosa and Windsor.

But this year with bars still closed due to the pandemic, the sale was held online and was over in a flash.

"Wow! Sold out in about 5 minutes," Russian River tweeted. "Looking forward to seeing everyone in person again in 2022!"

The company was offering four bottles of the coveted Pliny the Younger and a variety of other craft brews in 12-packs in sales that began at 11 a.m.

Cases cost $80 before taxes and shipping, and are expected to ship out the second week of February.