Police arrest alleged Muni gunman in Pittsburg, victim ID'd

San Francisco police arrested a man in Pittsburg for the shooting death of a 27-year-old man on a Muni train earlier this week, the department said on Friday.

Officer Kathryn Winters said police arrested Javon Green, 26, in Pittsburg on Thursday about 8 p.m. in connection with the homicide of 27-year-old Nesta Bowen. 

A 70-year-old man was also shot but is expected to survive. Winters said she believes the man has been released from the hospital. He was "purely an innocent bystander," Winters said. 

The shooting occurred during an argument on the train Wednesday morning as it traveled between the Forest Hill and Castro stations. 

Winters indicated that Bowen and the shooter knew each other and that this was not a random attack. 

But she did not go into detail as to what may have sparked the deadly shooting. 

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Bowen’s father, George Bowen, said is son was born in Oakland but grew up in Stockton in a musical family. 

His late mother, who died of cancer four years ago, sang reggae and the elder Bowen was a DJ, working at the  Elbo Room and other nightclubs. Bowen’s middle name was "Coltrane," according to the Chronicle. 

While the violence occurred in the city's historically gay neighborhood, police said the shooting did not appear to be a hate crime against anyone in the LGBTQ community. 

Still, the event shook nerves as San Francisco is hosting a massive Pride parade and celebration this weekend.