Police arrest two juveniles with loaded gun after vehicle chase

After a high-speed vehicle chase Saturday, Vallejo police arrested two juveniles, one of whom was armed with a loaded firearm with a high-capacity magazine.   

Officers spotted a grey Volkswagen Tiguan traveling near Springs Road and Oakwood Avenue driving with headlights off when it was dark outside. Officers also allegedly observed the vehicle failing to stop at a red light.  

Police pulled the vehicle over, but the driver pulled away when officers exited their patrol vehicle.   

A high-speed pursuit ensued. The vehicle eventually drove over a spiked Stop Stick placed on the road by police and turned onto a dead-end street.   

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The driver then exited the vehicle and ran from the scene. Officers arrested the passenger as he attempted to flee the scene. Police said the juvenile passenger possessed a loaded firearm with a high-capacity magazine.   

An air unit from the California Highway Patrol helped officers find the driver, who was trying to hide in a nearby apartment complex. Police found him hiding in the back deck of one of the apartments. The driver was a juvenile too young to have a driver's license.     

Both boys were arrested and booked into the local youth detention facility. Police contacted the juveniles' parents and their vehicle was towed from the scene.