Police search for man who brutally attacked father in San Francisco's Mission

Police are searching for the person behind a brutal and unprovoked attack on a 52-year-old man in San Francisco's Mission District. Ramon Reyna was attacked near the corner of 18th Street and Valencia Street just before midnight on Tuesday evening.

"She told me dad was bleeding, my dad was outside," said Erick Reyna-Gilmore, who said his mother called him to tell him that his father had been attacked. Within 15 minutes he arrived at his parents home in the Mission to find his father in an ambulance and his face covered in blood.

"There were puddles of blood on the ground," said Reyna-Gilmore.

His father, an immigrant from Mexico, who works long days in the kitchen of a school and as a busser at a restaurant, had just arrived home. He told police and his son that he was brutally attacked while walking the family’s Chihuahua near their home.

"He told me that there was an individual with a black dog and that he had told him, go get him, get him" said Reyna-Gilmore.

When the man’s dog didn’t attack, his father says the suspect became enraged and went after the Chihuahua himself. As his father bent over to pick up the family dog, he told police, the man kicked him in the face, and began beating him. Reyna-Gilmore says the beating continued, and that his father tried to film his attacker, but the man grabbed his father's cell phone and took off in the direction of Dolores Park. At the hospital Ramon Reyna received more than 20 stitches.

"His right ear, all the way from the bottom of the left lobe, all the way up to the middle of the ear, his ear got detached," said Reyna-Gilmore.

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His family and the community say they are in shock and now left wondering why someone who do this to a man they say is known as humble and nothing but kind.  

"All he has done with the family is provide a better future for myself, for my sister, for my mom, at any expense. My dad is my role model," said Reyna-Gilmore.

The family has set up a GoFundme page to help pay for what they’re expecting to be a large medical bill.

Anyone with information on the attack is urged to call San Francisco police.