Robbers identifying themselves as police in Oakland home invasions

Robbers have been claiming to be police officers in two home invasions in different parts of Oakland, police said Wednesday.

"There are individuals that are committing crimes under the guise of being law enforcement," said Deputy Chief Frederick Shavies.

They're in plainclothes and claiming to be cops, but they're anything but, police say.

"These are not police. The Oakland Police Department, we do not make dynamic entry in a residence absent exigency," Shavies said.

Police say there were two such  incidents over the weekend. Investigators are trying to determine if they're related. 

The first incident happened on Selkirk Street off 39th Avenue in the Redwood Heights neighborhood at about midnight Friday night going into Saturday morning. 

KTVU spoke to the victim, who did not want to go on camera. He says he awoke to find at least two men inside his home after they got in through a laundry-room window. 

He asked them, "Who are you?" and one replied "OPD. Go back in your room. OPD."

One intruder pointed what may have been a gun at him as they ransacked his home.

About 15 to 20 minutes later, they took off with watches and jewelry.

Police say the intruders may have been dressed as construction workers. The victim tells me he believes they told him they were police so that he wouldn't shoot them.

The second incident happened near 83rd Avenue and Birch Street in East Oakland at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

Oakland police are asking residents to be vigilant.

"If anyone is even at the door attempting to get in, claiming that they're the police, not wearing full uniform or with any sort of police insignia, that members of our community call 911," Shavies said.

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