Round-the-clock effort to catch coyote after 5th East Bay attack

Wildlife officials said the same coyote responsible for four attacks in Contra Costa County has bitten another person. 

Contra Costa Animal Services said a man was bitten on Friday near a Quik Stop in Lafayette. The man was interviewed and his clothing was sent to a lab for DNA testing. Those test results came back on Tuesday as a match to the same coyote linked to four other biting incidents in the East Bay

The Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) continues to be the lead agency for the situation and they work with USDA Wildlife Services, who are experts in this field and experienced in removing problem public safety animals. 

Wildlife officials said they are using game trail cameras and field tracking, to determine the specific areas of coyote activity and patterns.  An extensive trapping operation has been implemented designed to catch the offending coyote, officials said. 

Multiple trapping lines are in place and there is a 24-hour effort to remove this animal.