DNA ties same coyote to 3 East Bay attacks, officials say

Authorities believe a coyote that bit an employee at a Lafayette grocery store on Tuesday is linked to two other attacks in the area. 

The most recent incident happened at the Diablo Foods Grocery Story on Mt. Diablo Boulevard, only about 1.6 miles from where another man was attacked earlier this month at Campolindo High School in Moraga.

In Tuesday's attack, the employee was taking a break in an area behind the supermarket where refrigerated storage units are located, a store manager said.

Authorities said a 2-year-old boy was bitten by the same coyote in July at Moraga Commons Park.

DNA samples from the victims determined that the same coyote was responsible for the three attacks. 

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is working on a plan to locate and trap the animal.