San Francisco 49ers fans react to losing Super Bowl 58

San Francisco 49ers fans were holding their breath most of the night as the team tried to bring home its sixth championship trophy, but it wasn’t meant to be. The Kansas City Chiefs won in overtime, 25-22.  

The team was so close to bringing it home on Sunday night, but as the clock ticked away, so did people’s hopes for another championship win.

It was a battle to the end as the 49ers fell to the Chiefs in overtime in Super Bowl 58. 

"It was a pretty good game. We almost won but…sorry Purdy," said Tahmina of San Francisco. 

Some fans say this game was one of the hardest-fought Super Bowl games they’ve watched in years. Fans at Rosamunde on Mission in San Francisco told us the 49ers’ young quarterback, Brock Purdy, held his own. 

It just wasn’t enough to top the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, who won his third championship in five years.

Fans at Thrive City also felt the disappointment.

There was a real sense – even with just minutes left in overtime – that the title was finally theirs. Seconds later, the Chiefs delivered a gut punch.

Thrive City – suddenly silent Sunday.

"That’s tough, I ain’t gonna lie, that’s tough," said one fan.

Earlier, the Faithful arrived at Thrive City feeling good, soaking up the electric energy of a packed plaza. Hours later, 49ers fans are on the brink of a title, only to watch it suddenly slip away.

"The entire game I felt like it was our time. We were finally going to win it, and that last drive, with 10 seconds, it’s just so devastating," said Sal, a 49ers fan.

Trying to remain positive – but the pain was hard to hide. Still, even in defeat, these Faithful have nothing but love for their team.

"I love this season. I love this team. I know they’re going to be back here. Next time they’re going to win it, but I am so proud of them, especially for how much they have overcome, and how hard they played," said Sal.

"We had a Quest for Six, but we didn’t come through. You know what? I’m very proud of the San Francisco 49ers. We’re still faithful, and we’ll come back next season even stronger. And on that note, it doesn’t stop!" said Tony Borja of San Francisco at Rosemunde in San Francisco's Mission District. 

One couple says now that the Super Bowl game is over, they’re looking forward to other big events.

"We’re very sad about the loss, but we’re excited about Beyoncé’s new album. We’re going to look ahead to some future positive things. March 29!" said Connor of San Francisco. 

Fans at San Francisco's 500 Club on 17th Street also had their eyes glued to the television as R&B superstar Usher performed his most popular hit songs at half-time. One woman says she’s a huge sports fan, but she still loved seeing Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl.

"It doesn’t hurt that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are a match made in heaven. She flew across the world all the way from Japan to support her man. I just love all of it," said Macaela Bennet San Francisco. 

"I'm not a hater, but congratulations KC. But like I said, next year we’ll come back strong and even stronger. I promise you that," said Borja. 

KTVU reporters Zak Sos and Cristina Rendon contributed to this report.