San Francisco Bayview vigil held for slain 6-year-old

Six-year-old Jace Young was remembered by a grieving community Tuesday night in San Francisco.

Family, friends, and elected leaders gathered in front of his home in the Bayview for a vigil. They're calling for answers and a stop to senseless violence.

The vigil opened with a prayer for Jace's family. His mother Lakeisha Kyle was silenced by grief.

His father Jason Young pleaded for help, "Justice for Jace. Justice for this family."  

On the night of July 4, Jace was less than a mile from his home, watching fireworks at a friend's birthday party when he was shot in the chest. He was rushed to the hospital where he died.

"Pain, anger and frustration. My family is grieving the loss of Jace," said Michelle Daniels, a cousin. 

Jace turned 6 just four months ago. His family shared with KTVU a video of his birthday party. It shows an exuberant little boy who loved to dance and had his life stolen

"I feel robbed. I won't get to have another conversation with him. I won't get to hear him laugh or dance," said Josh Lowe with KIPP Bayview Academy where Jace was a student.

KTVU has learned that police have interviewed the mother of a 16-year-old boy who wants to turn himself in for the shooting.

"I'm just waiting for the investigators to come and tell us we have a suspect and he's in custody. The investigation is over. We have somebody and they're going to jail," said Ayofemi Bryant, Jace's aunt.

The boy's father said Black Lives Matter has to start right here at home.

"I got to be the voice for him. Everyone here right now should be the voice for him," said Young. 

Family members said Jace loved to read and work on his computer. 

"Did not even make it to first grade and I'm tired of getting our babies back. Putting our babies in boxes," said Lowe.

Jace's family has a message for the person who killed him.

"If you have a conscience or any heart, turn yourself in," said Bryant.

"You got to do the right thing. You got to step up," said Young.  

Family members said they are shocked over what happened to Jace and that no one should have to experience the pain of losing a child this way.