San Francisco bicyclist fumes over ambulance parked in bike lane

A San Francisco bicyclist threw a tantrum after her ride was seemingly interrupted by an ambulance parked in a bike lane, according to a social media post.

The cyclist, who goes by @drivingmzstacey on Twitter, posted a video to the platform Thursday that showed a San Francisco Fire Department ambulance parked in a marked bike lane, inconveniencing her she claimed.

"Here's an ambulance in the bike lane. There is a business they can park in. They can block the car lane, they can block the non-existent motorcycle park lane," the woman shouts. "I am not even half a mile from a home on a rainy day. What the f—k. What the f— k."

Seethed with anger, the woman walks over to the ambulance and addresses the driver.

"Get out of the bike lane" the woman tells the driver. "You're killing us. Get out of the bike lane."

The first responder does relent and moves the vehicle, parking directly across the street.

The woman claimed that the ambulance driver was on break, but the San Francisco Fire Department refuted that assertion.

The fire department said on Twitter that its crew was "finishing a medical emergency with a patient care document from a call at that location which is why they moved to the other side of the street rather than engage with you. Have a safe day."