San Francisco musicians hold charity concert for Ukraine

A Russian-born San Francisco musician helped bring together more than a dozen performers on Sunday for a charity concert to raise money for Ukrainians impacted by the war. 

The musicians took the stage at Light Rail Studios for three hours to raise humanitarian aid for a children's hospital and Bay Area non-profit, which is sending supplies to Ukraine.  

"I felt just the pit in my stomach, and it's just really emotional," said Mayya Feygina, a co-organizer of the Ukraine fundraiser, who says she's been devastated knowing that her native country is behind the war. She recently reached out to the owner of Light Rail Studios, and pitched the idea of a fundraiser.

"I’ve had to turn off the news," said China Tamblyn, event co-organizer and owner of Light Rail Studios. "So the fact that we have this space, and we could offer this space to do something like this, just of course we said, yes."

Tamblyn says she immediately began reaching out to her production contacts.

"Every single person that I would text, or say, hey we’re going to do this benefit, can you do it, everyone was like, absolutely," said Tamblyn.

Meanwhile, Feygina worked on assembling the evening’s slate of local bands.  

"Everyone wanted to participate immediately," said Feygina.

The event was performed in front of a live audience and broadcast online. 

"It’s a serious night, but then it’s also a night for us all to be together, and feel like at least we’re doing something, whether it’s big or small, at least we’re doing something," said Tamblyn.

Proceeds from ticket sales and an auction held during the event are being donated to Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital and the Bay Area based non-profit, Hearts for Ukraine.