San Francisco pride celebrations in full swing

Pride celebrations are well underway this final weekend of pride in San Francisco. The weekend culminates with the city's signature pride parade on Sunday. 

On Saturday, entertainers thrilled crowds across multiple music stages at the two-day Civic Center Pride Celebration. 

"There's just a huge sense of brother and sisterhood and camaraderie among all of us, and it just feels safe," said Jason Best of Modesto. "I know that when I come here for pride weekend, or just in general, when I go to the Castro, I'm not going to be discriminated against."

People came dressed in their best rainbow fashions from head to toe.

"I have my non-binary flag in front, I've got my pansexual flag in back," said Avery Leroy, pointing to her homemade pirate ship hat. "I really enjoy boats, but I just wanted it to look really camp, over the top, so I just thought this was an excellent way to bring it all about."

CHEER San Francisco, a nonprofit that raises funds to support the LGBTQ community, was among the festival performers.  

A cannabis zone made its debut at the festival - the first at any major pride celebration in the country. 


It features retail booths and has a designated consumption area.

The free festival featured a variety of food, drinks, and local vendors selling everything from clothing to cookies.

"There are people who fly from Europe, South America, Asia, just to come to San Francisco for pride, which is incredible, and I get to meet them, talk about my business," said Brennan Bowen, owner of the Golden Gate Cookie Company. "A lot of people who come to San Francisco, they go to Alcatraz, or Fisherman's Wharf, which is great, but a lot of people don't even know about the Inner Richmond."

That's where Bowen's business is based.

"The mayor's office and the supervisors know that to rebuild San Francisco, to go back to where we want to be, street fairs and bringing tourists here is key, and we are a key component of that," said SF Pride executive director Suzanne Ford. 

SFPD also had a heavy law enforcement presence on Saturday. It wasn't hard to spot several officers stationed at every major corner. 

The celebrations continue on Sunday, when the pride parade rolls through downtown starting at 10:30 am. Several streets in and around Civic Center and City Hall will remain closed to traffic. .