San Francisco's Ukrainian consul general shown support in Sonoma

The City of Sonoma showed its support for Ukraine Thursday by honoring the country’s consul general in San Francisco.

"We strongly condemn unprovoked action taken by the leadership of the Russian Federation," Mayor Jack Ding told the crowd.

He was among the local officials to gather in front of Sonoma City Hall around noon, to share how they felt about watching sobering images of war coming out of Ukraine.

The City of Sonoma and the Ukrainian city of Kaniv have been sister cities since 1987.

With a population of about 30,000 and located roughly 90 miles from Kyiv, it’s been under Russian attack for over a week.

"Russia is considered in the whole world just as Nazi Germany in 1939," Kushneruk told those who attended.

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Before Mayor Ding presented Kushneruk with a key to the city, the Ukrainian consul general brought into focus the reason that his countrymen continue to fight in a battle that at times shows odds that seem to be against them.

"We have the right to have what everyone wants in this free world. The right for (a) safe sky as well as the right for our (own) land," Kushneruk told the crowd.