San Jose community rallies around 7-year-old struck by car

A special mass was held Friday to send prayers for a young boy who suffered severe injuries in a traffic accident this week in San Jose.

St. Martin of Tours, Saint Frances High School and Santa Clara University organized the mass in support of seven-year-old Bastian Michel, lovingly known as Bazzy. It’s been a difficult week for his family, but they say their community has lifted them up. 

"You young ones, what can you do for Bastian? Pray. Sometimes that is all you can do," said Father Saju Joseph, Pastor of St. Martin of Tours Parish. 

The family says Bazzy was walking home from a tutoring session when he was hit by a car on Monday. 

The driver remained at the scene, the family tells me. They are waiting for law enforcement to investigate before they form final opinions. 

When Bazzy's grandmother learned he was heading to a Tier 1 trauma center after the crash, she panicked.

"I got hysterical, I was like hurry up and get there…it's bad Ashley, it's bad…it has to be bad," Gaita Mompoint, Bazzy's grandmother, told KTVU. 

Bazzy suffered several life-threatening injuries: collapsed lungs, a fractured skull and several broken bones along with severe internal injuries. 

Doctors weren't sure he would make it through the first night, and at one point his recovery seemed all but impossible.

"It was really sad seeing this little lifeless body on this big hospital bed... so many was haunting... I had to leave the room immediately because I was crying. I just didn't expect to see him to look like that," Alyssa Bayer, Bazzy's aunt said. 

The family tells me Bazzy's indomitable spirit has been leading them all through this time...that and the scores of visitors stopping by. His parents say staff at the hospital have been stunned by the support pouring in. 

Though Bazzy kept his smile and charm throughout this ordeal, his family is looking forward to seeing him back in full swing.

"Just looking forward to him playing again... you know I just kinda hope he'll have many more weekends with his little cousins," Bayer told KTVU. 

One thing is for certain, Bastian's community will be with him every step of the way. His godmother, Ryan Brown and her family started a GoFundMe to support Bazzy's long road to recovery. 

Bastian with his godmother Ryan Brown (far left) (Photo courtesy of Ryan Brown)

"What a way to be journeying with Bastian and his family... by gathering here through prayer," Fr. Joseph said. 

The family still has lingering questions about how Bazzy ended up outside walking outside by himself after tutoring. They hope to get more answers in the coming days. 

For now, the family asks community members keep Bazzy in their thoughts. They say they will be advocating for safer streets across the Bay Area.