San Jose police say group of racing cars cause roll-over collision

A group of racing cars collided Sunday, according to the San Jose Police Department.

San Jose police said a group of racing cars lost control Sunday night causing a roll-over collision.

The crash happened near Blossom Hill Road and Walnut Blossom Drive and likely left one man with major injuries, officials said. 

"One young man will likely never walk again, the other was arrested for DUI," said San Jose Police Department. "These are the consequences of speeding and driving recklessly on our city streets. Slow down."

Multiple cars were involved in the crash. The collision resulted in a DUI arrest, according to the San Jose Police Department.

One person was arrested for driving drunk, according to police.

San Jose has seen an 'unprecedented' number of traffic fatalities in recent months.

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While speed is one factor, distracted drivers and the overall design of the roadway are areas for change, according to city officials.