Calibunga waterpark in San Jose set for July 4th grand opening

Just in time for the hottest week of the year, San Jose’s Calibunga waterpark is finally set for its grand opening on the 4th of July. The park is on the site of the former Raging Waters – which abruptly closed last year.      

It is hard not to be immediately drawn to the water features when the temperatures are as high as they are this week. On Wednesday, workers were busy getting ready for Thursday’s opening. They were sweeping and scrubbing the "Lazy River" and the "Speed Slides" had water flowing. "We are very excited. We have been working very hard the last three months to get the park open to the public," said Mel Sells, the General Manager of Calibunga.

The park -- which is next to Lake Cunningham -- was originally set to open last Saturday but the need for some last minute electrical work on several rides delayed those plans. Park operators wanted to make sure they were 100% ready for guests.  "There’s a lot that’s new right now. And California Dreamin’ has really invested a lot of money to take this park to the next level. You can expect to see grass, artificial turf, you can expect to see more shade area and definitely more seating," Sells said. California Dreamin’ is the Sacramento-based parent company of the park. 

The waterpark used to be called Raging Waters but after last year’s summer season the company, which operated the park suddenly announced the park would be permanently closing after nearly 40-years of operation.  The city scrambled to find a new operator because the mayor says the water park is important for families, jobs, and the economy.

"In east side San Jose this is a provider of jobs, it is a point of civic pride, for many young people it is their first job for high school or just out of high school, it adds to the tax base, it supports other local businesses," said San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan.       

Calibunga is also welcoming different food trucks in addition to the existing dining options.

So here are the details:

The park opens at 11 a.m. Thursday and closes at 6 p.m. beginning Thursday and running through the summer season. Ticket prices for those 10 and older run from $49 to $59 with prices always lower online than if you buy them at the front gate.  If you had pre-purchased tickets for the five days that the park was unexpectedly closed you can use those anytime.


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