Self-driving car blocks police responding to San Francisco shooting

The San Francisco-based autonomous vehicle company Cruise is facing criticism tied to the Mission District shooting Friday night.

A video posted on Twitter showed the self-driving car blocking an officer from getting to the crime scene.

"Blocking emergency medical and fire, I've got to get it out of here now," the officer can be heard saying on the video.

Cruise tweeted a response to the situation.

"Like all of us in San Francisco, we are saddened by this tragic event in our home city. Our thoughts are with the victims and families and we wish them all a full recovery.

Our car initially stopped as it was approaching an active emergency scene, then proceeded to perform a U-turn and pull over. Throughout this time, all vehicles, including emergency response vehicles, were able to proceed around our car.

We’re thankful to all our first responders for helping to keep us safe during situations like this and are committed to working collaboratively with them."

The shooting left nine people injured.

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