Shark attack in Monterey County leaves man hospitalized

A man was hospitalized with significant injuries after a shark attack in Monterey County on Wednesday.

The attack happened at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove.

Crews were able to remove the victim from the water, but could not provide information on his current condition.

Heath Braddock said he’s been surfing at this beach for about 30 years, and he’s never seen a shark. But on Wednesday, he jumped into action after he said he heard the man screaming for help. 

"We heard the cries for help probably out about 100 feet from the orange buoy out here," said Braddock.

Surveillance video shows the daring rescue of a man attacked by a shark while swimming near the point around 10:30 a.m. Braddock was one of the people who rushed to help him.  

"We got my biggest board and the gentleman, Paul, helped me roll the victim on the board belly down and got him kind of centered and stable. We had him hold my foot and we paddled him in," said Braddock.

Braddock said the man had deep wounds on one of his thighs, his abdomen and on his arm. 

Pacific Grove Police and the Monterey Fire Dept. responded to the call and the victim was taken to Natividad Medical Center in Salinas. 

Sean Van Sommer with Pelagic Shark Research Foundation said shark attacks are still rare, but sharks have been migrating north over time.  

"A lot of their prey will concentrate in areas where the water conditions are preferable and inviting to them. So sea surface temperatures have increased noticeably in recent years," Van Sommer said. 

As required by State Parks, Lovers Point and Sea Palm turnout will be closed until Saturday, as officials continue to investigate. 

Aaron Byers said he scuba dives at Lovers Point, but this shark incident won’t keep him away. When asked if this incident would stop him from enjoying the water, he said, "No, absolutely not. I just feel like as far as the swimming goes, you tend to look like a weak seal, if you’re swimming amongst the seals."  

The man’s condition right now is unknown and of course everyone we talked to is hoping and praying for his recovery.  

 It remains unclear what type of shark attacked the victim.