Social media reacts to 6.4 magnitude quake felt across SoCal

Moments after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled Ridgecrest and surrounding areas Thursday morning, residents took to social media to share footage from Southern California's largest quake in decades.

One Twitter user posted video of the aftermath which shows broken bottles scattered around her dad's store. 

Ledesma Chiropractic in Ridgecrest captured video of the powerful tremor.

Mike Miller took photos of the damage at a local Dollar General. 

Authorities are still assessing the damage, but say there are reports of split roads, downed power lines, and broken water mains. 

The quake was felt nearly 150 miles east in Henderson, Nevada. 

A seismograph station near Morgan Hill detected the quake and KTVU's Ann Rubin said she felt the trembling in San Jose.