Evacuated South Lake Tahoe residents warned about roaming bears

South Lake Tahoe residents will be returning home soon as authoriteis have lfited mandatory evacuation orders due to the Caldor Fire, and authorities are warning some might find an unwelcome guest in their home.

During the last week multiple reports of burglary have turned out to be bear break-ins, police said.

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Dave Stevenson says the bear population has been active while residents were away. 

"Bears are used to living in a more urban environment. They're familiar with which day is garbage day. They know how to open dumpsters, and they know when people aren't home," said Stevenson.

Karen Allen is one of many people that watched from her security camera as bears looked for food in her yard.

"I've seen them a couple of times on my camera, and there's nobody to tell them to go away right now," said Allen.

Authorities recommend residents not rush into their homes, or block an area that might have a wild animal. 

There are over 100 law enforcement officers deployed in South Lake Tahoe as the city repopulates. 

The orders that sent 22,000 people in and around the resort fleeing last week were reduced to warnings on Sunday as the fire stalled. The fire still poses a threat elsewhere, although containment has grown to 44%.

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