Suspect in deadly South Bay crime spree has history of violence, mental illness

The man suspected of killing three people and injuring another three has a lengthy criminal and mental health history causing even city officials to question where the criminal justice system failed.

Kevin Parkourana, 31, of San Jose was on probation and convicted of several violent felonies and misdemeanors, San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata said Friday.

"The suspect was known to the San Jose Police Department," he said. "This violent suspect was taken into custody ending the possibility of further bloodshed." 

Parkourana was arrested following a violent series of stabbings and carjackings in San Jose and Milpitas Thursday afternoon. One person died from a stabbing and two pedestrians —  a man and a woman — were killed when Parkourana ran them over, officials said.

He is being held on charges of homicide, attempted homicide and carjacking. He's expected to be arraigned on Tuesday.

Efforts to reach him or his attorney were not successful Friday.

A review of court records show Parkourana has been convicted of several violent assaults in recen years. At least two people have taken restraining orders out against him.

Neighbors tell KTVU Parkourana lived with his parents at a home along Kooser Road and often struggled with mental illness or attempted to hurt himself.

"There was just frequent activity like ambulances and sometimes he’d be gone for a couple days after the ambulance had taken him," neighbor Paige Stanton said. "So he definitely needed a lot of help."

No one answered the door when KTVU attempted to reach the family.

Police documents and court records detail what was described as "erratic and unpredictable" behavior. In 2019, Parkourana was found with a homemade explosive device or pipe-bomb in a home and a second device in a car. Then, in 2021, he was convicted of puncturing tires and throwing rocks at a neighbor's window down the street. Months after that, he was accused of threatening a fast food worker with a dagger.

Thursday's rampage began in San Jose around 3:10 p.m., when the first stabbing was reported at Kooser Road and Dellwood Way – near where Parkourana lives. The second stabbing was reported roughly 20 minutes later in the 1800 block of Hillsdale Avenue. 


Suspect arrested after 3 killed and 3 hurt in violent South Bay crime spree

The San Jose and Milpitas police departments are investigating a whirlwind of violence that ended up killing three people – 1 by stabbing and two by car – and injuring another three in a crime spree that spanned two cities and four different locations.

The victims of both those stabbings were taken to hospitals where one is recovering and the other is in critical condition, according to San Jose police.

Parkourana left the scene of the second stabbing in a victim’s vehicle and struck a pedestrian who is expected to live, according to police.

Investigators said about 4:10 p.m., Parkourana intentionally ran over two people in the area of 16th and Santa Clara streets. Both died of their injuries.

Finally, capping more than an hour of violence, another person was stabbed – and killed – about 4:30 p.m. in a shopping center parking lot near the 400 block of Jacklin Road in Milpitas.

Parkourana was aprehended by Milpitas Police shortly afterward near where a graduation ceremony was taking place.

Undercover officers attended the ceremony as they attempted to locate the suspect, investigators said.

Parkourana's actions are considered intentional, although investigators do not believe he knew any of the victims.

While a motive is not yet known, Mata said they are looking into his mental state and potential substance abuse.

Records reveal Parkourana has been caught with meth and drugs and violating a domestic violence restraining order. On several occasions, he's been put in a psychiatric hold for depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. Parkourana has also gone through mental health court, documents show.

"We're one part of the system," Mata said. "We have to see where the system failed this individual."

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan offered his condolences Friday during a news conference, while also pushing for solutions to improve public safety.

"This awful incident shows we have more work to do," he said. "I believe that when we're dealing with individuals who are repeat offenders with multiple convictions – our city, county and state must do a better job of holding people accountable, of getting the care that they need or getting them off of our streets."

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