Suspects sought from attempted homicide at San Jose convenience store

Surveillance footage has been released showing a group of men who are wanted for their alleged connection with a shooting and attempted robbery in a San Jose convenience store. 

One of the men seen in the video released Friday by police fired a gun at the head of a store clerk who stopped one of the others from stealing a case of beer in March, according to the San Jose Police Department

The video was recorded on March 3 at a store on the 900 block of South Winchester Boulevard. It's unclear why police released the images now.

The altercation began when the group of three, believed to be Hispanic males by police, tried to buy alcoholic beverages but were denied by the cashier when they failed to provide identification. 

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The trio left the store, but one returned later and tried stealing beer. A clerk wrestled the case away from the suspect in the parking lot. One of the other men allegedly fired a gun, nearly striking the worker, police said.

Police did not say which of the people seen in the video brandished the weapon.